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If you are looking to buy a Real estate in Portugal or in Lisbon in particular, or you want to sell your Real estate in total confidence, or if you wish to invest in Portugal or obtain a golden visa, contact us and we will be glad to assist you


  • Real estate selection: According to your search criteria and market value, we conduct a custom query, not only on our database but also in all other real estate agencies or platforms.
  • Visit schedule: No need to call 20 real estate agents and sellers, we set all the appointments for you
  • Legal advise: We analyse all the legal documents and answer your questions.
  •  Translators: For a clear communication with the customers.
  • Bank loan: We assist you in case you require a loan.
  • Professional negotiation
  • Administration advisory: We handle all the bureaucracy and legal documents required to sign the sale contract.
  • Architecture / Construction: Have a free budget from the best Architecture and construction enterprises.


  • Market Search: We perform a sales survey considering the current real estate values, both sold and for sale, similar to the one you wish to sell and in the same area. This information will determine a suitable value maximizing the sale value of you real estate.
  • Advisory: We will assist you in providing constant information to help you make the best decision about the sale. We also advise you on the best strategy on making the best impression on buyers.
  • Professional Photo and Video production of your real estate.
  • Promoting and Advertising: A new bold marketing strategy is provided, customized for your real estate  and using the latest sales tools, making the sale in the shortest time possible.
  • Sales Management: We conduct visits with potential buyers and set a control record and a visit survey about the quality of the real estate and the service alike. We negotiate price and sale conditions and handle sale bids. We provide assistance to the buyer if a bank loan is required.
  • Making the sale: We provide assistance, making sure the sale follows all it’s regular procedures, registry, contract signing, etc.


  • We provide a full service range for all kinds of investors. Real estate selection for investment. Custom  Real estate search: apartments, houses, buildings, commercial property (shops, restaurants, offices, etc.), condominiums, raw land, etc. Properties for refurbishing and resale or rent. Refurbished properties for buying and renting (short or long term) and Building for refurbishing.
  • Complex Market research: Maximize sale or rent value
  • Real estate visits, escorting the client in all the visits. If the client is unable to make the visit, we provide a photo and video footage of the property and gather all useful information available
  • Negotiaition: Whle Real estate agents we are trained to obtain the best deals.
  • Proposals: All Real estate sale conditions are put in writing (payment at the Pledge contract of purchase and sale, schedule deadlines, terms, etc.).
  • Escort: We assist the client through the property registry process.

Architecture and other services:

  • Architecture Projects: Our team of Architects has a good experience in refurbishing projects and will find the best solution for your property, either for living, rent or sale, while providing advise on the best strategy and legal procedures.
  • Other Services:
  • Budgets: Based on the architecture solution we provide free construction budgets with competitive prices according to the clients specifications, either in custom or in “all in one”  solutions.
  • 3D Images: If you need a real view of the refurbishment before its conclusion, either to promote your property or to ensure the result meets your expectations.
  • Refurbishment resale: We set a preferential buyer target to optimize the project and the resale price, providing all the necessary assistance in the resale process.
  • Renting management: If you wish to rent your property, either in fractions (bedrooms) or as a whole, we provide promotion and advertising, rent and maintenance cost management, and guests check in/out.


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