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Sell Real Estate

House in Lisbon is your opportunity to sell or rent your real estate at the best price, in the fastest, most efficient way.

How does it work?

5 Steps until you sell or rent your property:
  1. Real Estate valorization we conduct market surveys to help you obtain the most adequate value for sale or rent.
  2. Professional Photo, video and drawings of you real estate to maximize the elements available to buyers and facilitate its sale or rent.
  3. Marketing Plan to help make the sale or rent at the best price, as quickly as possible.
    • We advertise your real estate at the real estate sites and social media with the most visibility, with a great national and international coverage.
    • We present your real estate to the investors in our database.
    • We establish the ideal media plan to broaden the search for potential clients, such as street marketing, newsletters, flyers, magazines and social media.
  4. Business Management
    • We provide buyers visits to your property
    • We monitor the visits to your property through a control sheet and run a buyers survey to the quality of the service and of your property.
    • We handle bidding proposals.
    • We help the buyer obtain a bank loan, if necessary.
  5. Contract advice and management After the deal’s advance payment, we assist you on the rent contract signature, or the promise of sale contract signature with our most qualified staff. We also assist you with the deed of sale, the notary’s and registry’s office.
What we will do:
  • Market Search: We perform a sales survey considering the current real estate values, both sold and for sale, similar to the one you wish to sell and in the same area. This information will determine a suitable value maximizing the sale value of you real estate.
  • Advisory: We will assist you in providing constant information to help you make the best decision about the sale. We also advise you on the best strategy on making the best impression on buyers.
Professional Photo and Video production of your real estate.
  • Promoting and Advertising: A new bold marketing strategy is provided, customized for your real estate and using the latest sales tools, making the sale in the shortest time possible.
  • Sales Management: We conduct visits with potential buyers and set a control record and a visit survey about the quality of the real estate and the service alike. We negotiate price and sale conditions and handle sale bids. We provide assistance to the buyer if a bank loan is required.
  • Making the sale:
  • We provide assistance, making sure the sale follows all it’s regular procedures, registry, contract signing, etc.
  • Drafting and signature of the preliminary purchase/sale contract
  • Drafting and signature of the deed of sale
Service fees
  • Sale with no exclusivity = 5% sale value + VAT
  • Sale with exclusivity = 3,5% sale value + VAT
  • Rent – 1month rent + VAT

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