House in Lisbon
Record number of students in higher education with nearly 412,000 enrolled in 2020/2021 in Portugal. Although about 40% of these are concentrated in the two largest Portuguese cities, Lisbon and Porto, the others are dispersed among university towns, such as Coimbra and Braga, whose importance has become increasingly significant.
The areas that students favor the most are naturally those that are closest to the most significant university campuses, in a student housing market traditionally dominated by private apartment owners who rent rooms or entire properties to students or groups of students. In addition, public universities also offer a rather limited number of vacancies in their residence halls. Gradually, the private student residence sector is migrating from a niche sector to an effectively consolidated real estate market, offering students very attractive accommodation alternatives.
In Portugal, the real estate supply of this type of accommodation is considered relatively scarce, especially when compared to the performance of this market in other European countries, so investing in university residences is becoming a very good investment proposition.
At the moment the best cities to invest in Portugal, considering only the number of students enrolled in public higher education would be, in order from largest student population to smallest:

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